Location of Litter Bins

Asset No. Number of Bins Location
LB1 5 Attlee Park Car Park
LB2 1 Attlee Park Bank
LB3 15 Bedlington Front Street West
LB4 6 Bedlington Market Place
LB5 8 Bedlington Front Street East
LB6 6 Bedlington Glebe Bank
LB7 1 Corchester Road
LB8 2 Church Lane
LB9 1 Hassop Way
LB10 2 Dr Pit Allotments North
LB11 2 Dr Pit Allotments East
LB12 3 Milne Car Park
LB13 3 Glebe Bank Footpath/Black Path
LB14 6 Hartford Road
LB15 1 Barrington Court
LB16 10 Hazelmere Estate
LB17 1 Hollymount Square
LB18 1 Hotspur Avenue
LB19 1 Milfield
LB20 1 Netherton Lane
LB21 4 Netherton Village
LB22 4 B1331/Stead Lane
LB23 3 North Ridge
LB24 2 Ridge Terrace
LB25 2 Schalksmuhle Road
LB26 1 St Benet Biscop High School
LB27 2 The Hartlands
LB28 2 Westlea
LB29 1 Alfred Avenue
LB30 1 Shields Road, Harford Bridge
LB31 1 Bus stop on North Ridge
LB32 1 Bus stop on North Ridge
LB33 1 Footpath near Woolsington Court
LB34 1 Near Public Seat at Nedderton
LB35 1 Litter Bin at Hassop Way
LB36 1 Litter Bin at Hassop Way
LB37 1 Litter Bin at Wharton Arms
LB38 3 Top Car Park - Near Toilets
LB39 6 Attlee Park Footpath
LB40 3 Black Path
LB42 1 Ewart Hill


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